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Global Veterinary Solutions


Dr J.P. Raath started presenting courses in 1997 after opening his own practice, Wildlifevets. Since then he has continually developed and expanded the courses to finally include dedicated Chemical Immobilization courses and Internships. Global Veterinary Solutions was established to take these expertise to the world. As Dr Raath is now acting as the CEO of Wildlife Pharmaceuticals we have selected other top professionals to take over the torch and woth great success grown our family in many countries.


The team at GVS is ever expanding as a result of building partnerships with professionals that are so passionate about their fields we feel inspired. Currently our team is spread accross South Africa, Estonia and Australia.


We intend to grow our family in more countries as we believe that knowlege should be common ground for improving our natural world.



To promote a professional network of specialists and supply a platform to aid global conservation efforts and combat the spread of disease. Establish new conservation areas in such a manner to render minimum disease risk and wildlife human conflict at the interface.  Promote and participate in research. Represent wildlife and conservation on a global scale.



We offer up to 12 courses a year. This make us the biggest in our industry with a unique approach to providing education in wildlife conservation.



Most of our Interns become great friends of our team and we make use of them in our network to assist us both in South Africa and abroad. Some even join us permanetly.




Our local CIC presented in South Africa is one of the only courses that is awared full accreditation for the 3 year cycle of reccomended further learning for South Africa Vets.



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