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Zoo and Wild Animal Chemical Immobilization Course in Riga Zoo

The most comprehensive course for wildlife veterinarians

29th of October – 4th of November 2017




Dr Cobus Raath spent the first 11 years of his working life as the veterinarian for the National Parks Board of South Africa, stationed in Kruger National Park. He left Kruger National Park in 1996 and set up a company specializing in game capture and relocation, applied research, emergency wildlife medicine, Conservation Medicine Courses and internships. Dr Raath is now Managing director of Wildlife Pharmaceuticals South Africa, a company that develops and distributes pharmaceutical preparations for wildlife and is actively researching and developing drugs and for wildlife.


Dr Aleksandr Semjonov

Veterinary anesthesiologist, head of Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine of Estonian University of Life Sciences, chief research fellow of Wildlife Pharmaceuticals South Africa and managing director of ZooVetTrans. Dr Semjonov works as practicing anesthesiologist for zoo and wild animals around the World doing main research in investigation of novel anesthetics in different species of wild animals. Dr Semjonov has a special interest in anesthesia of carnivores, large ruminants, giraffes and elephants.



Wildlife Pharmaceuticals South Africa

Estonian University of Life Sciences


Riga Zoo




This five-day intensive theoretical and hands-on experience addresses all aspects of the chemical immobilization and care of zoo and wild animals. The main goal of the course to teach important principles and philosophy of immobilization, anesthesia, monitoring and recovery of different groups of wild animals both in captivity and in the wild. The course contains practical hands-on immobilization of carnivore, equine and giraffe.




Early bird (registration untill 1st of September 2017) –

2000 EUR

After 1st of September 2500 EUR



Riga Zoo is a city-owned zoo in Riga, Latvia. It is located in Mežaparks, on the western bank of Ķīšezers lake. Riga Zoo houses around 4000 animals of nearly 500 species and is visited by 250-300,000 visitors annually.



Accomodation in 3* hotel with breakfasts and lunches

All equipment and drugs used during the course

A comprehensive set of printed notes

Course completion certificate

Guided tours in the Zoo and Riga Old Town

Ice-breaker-evening and final social evening

The course is streched over 7 days.

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